Beak Loop

Beak Loop

Hey all, check out my latest musical creation: Beak Loop. I recorded the base loop of a new Ike Shark looping track and then added synths, drums, and more.


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Barnyard Sharks tonight

The Barnyard Sharks are playing tonight at the Windup. Here’s a little bit of magic captured from the Shark retreat.

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New Track: Led

Here’s a looping track I’ve been working on for the past week or so. I’m playing my recently modded Strat into a Big Muff Pi into Eventide’s Pitchfactor and then to my Jamman Solo for looping. I recorded it direct in to my computer, then ran it through an amp modeler. Then I overdubbed some minimal vocals. Tell me what you think!

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Remixing The Water

Recently I was asked by Mobtown Mat to do a few remixes for the new record being put out by local loopmasters The Water. Seeing how I’m a fan of all the dudes involved, I jumped at the opportunity. I was given two tracks to cut up, pitch shift, loop and tweak. Here’s what I ended up with:

Future Nails was given to me first, and I strayed pretty far from the source. I grabbed a section of the organ line and then chopped up the drums, slowing down the original tempo. After that I piled on guitar samples and pitched shifted them into submission. I titled the remix Funeral Suit

The second track I received, Groundhog Day, features an opening with pounding drums so beautifully done that I decided that I either needed to change the track beyond all recognition, or base my remix off of the intro. After a failed attempt at the former (titled Dang Doughy Or) I came up with Handy Drug Goo.

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Eventide Pitchfactor

I recently indulged myself to the Eventide Pitchfactor stompbox. I already have their delay (the Time Factor) so I know how versatile their pedals are. But this pedal does so much that it’s a bit intimidating to try to learn how to use it. So as an introduction I set out to make a loop for each of the ten different effects; which include diatonic pitch shifting, chorus, arpeggiated pitch shifting, synthesizer sounds and reverse delay soundscapes. I then collaged out a little ambient piece.

To record I plugged my classical guitar into the Pitchfactor and then DI into my computer. There’s compression on the entire track, and I did a little EQing, but otherwise there’s no added reverb or anything.

In other looping news I’ve been listening to Brian Eno and David Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and it is brilliant. Here’s Mea Culpa:

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New EP: Array

Head to my bandcamp to download my latest EP, Array, for free! Stream the opener, Continuum, below

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I recently moved to a beautiful apartment with big open rooms and tall ceilings. To celebrate the space’s wonderful acoustics I wrote and recorded this track over the past two days. It’s mostly composed of classical guitar, but there’s also balafon, trumpet, masenqo, recorder, and twelve string guitar. Take a listen and download if you like it!

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New Musical Prostitution: Subtl Remixed

Here’s a remix of DJ Subtl’s untitled track. Yup. Download it or stream it. Or both!!

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New Download: MID-70’s

Today I recorded four takes of a recently composed looping tune with the intention of taking the best take and posting it here; no edits, no EQing, no nothing. And then I listened to all four takes play simultaneously and I couldn’t resist the indulgence. There are some great moments of clarity as well as disorder, although the track leans heavily toward the latter. To remedy this I cut all but one track short and let one loop finish by itself.

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Photo by Jason Gulledge (Flickr Creative Commons)

All of the recording and most of the editing for Bananas! was done on the day after Christmas 2009. I had our Hampden rowhouse to myself and I spent the day rummaging for instruments and sounds to put into it. This past week I remixed and tweaked.

The lowest notes in the finger picking pattern became the basis of We Used To Be Family’s This Shit Is Bananas. We recorded that tune with Mat at Mobtown

I then chopped it up and sampled it creating Sananab.

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